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Hand dyed, hand felted wool

I call them paintings, although no paint was involved, because of the way I overlaid the colors and created depth, overlap and space, which was very painterly unlike most uses of wool felting. The wool was collected myself from sheep farms’ discarded bags due to moths or mismatched colors of white, grey and brown. So I sorted through all of it, washed it and removed the debris, then dyed the wool in a basement workshop one afternoon. Months later after deciding what to do with it, I carded it (brushed it), and tried it out as a medium to make the orchid pictures. I used the wet felting technique working in large photo trays with wedding tulle to contain and compose the images out of the puffy wool.

Felt Orchid Paintings

my photo I worked from
my photo I worked from

Felting Process

Miltoniopsis Miltoniopsis Spectabilis Phalaenopsis Queen Red Tolumnia Stem Twin Slippers Paphiopedilum with embroidery