DEGREES        BFA, MA in art education     IB and AP certification

                                                    University of Cincinnati - College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Artist / Educator

Fiber art, sculpture, drawing and painting, ceramics, and wearables

BFA + MA in art education, since 2002

After exploring careers in art and art education throughout the USA, I now live around the world teaching IB Art and AP at international schools. My masters thesis (2006) was written on spirituality in art as examined through the work of contemporary artists such as Shirin Neshat, Wolfgang Laib, Chris Ofili, Andres Serrano and others. It included a year-long body of artwork around the theme of the Hero's Journey - a monomythic narrative process found throughout cultures, as a tool for growth, learning, and personal development. My other work history includes art museum education curation, university teaching, and education program development.

In my personal life and travels I have continued this deep connection with life's mysteries and find myself in the realm of healing arts and neolithic goddess thealogy, learning from teachers and mentors in both areas.

My teaching includes a broad coverage of art education such as visual culture, community-based art education, and multicultural education by inviting students to look through different lenses:

·     multiple historical perspectives

·     cultural consciousness

·     intercultural competency skills

·     environmental dynamics

·     building social action skills through art and visual communication

Special interests/expertise

Weaving and fiber techniques, mixed media assemblage, fashion, visual culture studies, art history, feminist classical-neolithic-and anthropological studies, travel, live/study

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